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Both of the cases are unsolved.

Both had seven victims.

Both had taunted the police by letter.

Both sent trophies as part of their crimes.

Both have many suspects.

Both gave clues as to who they were.

Did you know there are many similarities between Jack the Ripper & the Zodiac?

There are many Jack the Ripper tours in London England that take you through a walk around the White Chapel area to see the sites of the victims. This is the only Zodiac tour offered that takes you through all of the sites of the victims of the Zodiac.

The Zodiac is one of America's top 10 unsolved crimes. When visiting the San Francisco Bay area and you want to see the actual sites where the Zodiac chose when looking for victims, we suggest contacting us. We will have several tours for you to choose. These range from a short 1 hour tour around San Francisco to the lengthy all day tour from San Francisco to Lake Berryessea and back.

Jack the Ripper v. The Zodiac

About the Zodiac Killer Tour

This is a 5 hour tour covers chronologically all of the Zodiac sites. Leaving from San Francisco, we take you across the Golden Gate Bridge to Vallejo. There you visit the first 2 sites in chronological order. A quick break in Napa Valley for lunch will be followed by the 3rd site, Lake Berryessa. The final site will be in the Pacific Heights neighborhood back in San Francisco. All the while you will be in an Executive Van that is very comfortable. A tour guide will be discussing the details of the Zodiac during this trip. Participants will be trading information about the killer and the victims throughout the tour and giving clues as to who could have been responsible. Drinks & snacks will be offered throughout the trip and various items of interest can be purchased.